Bat Cave (Geo-physically Significant Reserve)

လင်းနို့ဂူတောင် ဘူမိရုပ်သွင် ထူးခြားသည့်နယ်မြေ

National Designation

Geo-physically Significant Reserve

Designation Type


Established Year


Area (ha)


Ecosystem and Topology

Bio unit


Bio unit N


Habitat types

Evergreen Forest,Hill and Temperate Evergreen Forests,Mangrove Forest

Other Attributes

Designation Date




Protection level


Site governance

Federal or national ministry or agency

Management authority



The bat cave is situated in Zin Reserve area of Kanbalu township in Sagaing Region. It was proposed as geo-spatially significant area by Ministry of natural resources and environmental conservation in 2018. The cave system in Zin Taung Ma Gyi area which is the home for millions of bats and its flora and fauna along Min Wun mountain range allows opportunities for tourism and environmental conservation education programs. Infrastructures for recreation and environmental awareness education centers were also established in the conservation area.

Natural Resources

Upper mixed deciduous forest and Indaing forest tree species are found in this area as well as variety of bamboo species. As the cave is the home for millions of bats, bat guano is also valuable fertilizer source. Mammals, birds species, reptiles and numerous insect species are observed in this area.

Key species




Myanma Protected Areas: Context,Current Status, and Challenges

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