Myanmar Protected Areas: Context, Current Status, and Challenges

Myanma Protected Areas: Context,Current Status, and Challenges

This publication presents the information collected on Myanmar protected areas (PAs), with the objective of mobilising national and international support for cost-effective initiatives, innovative approaches and targeted research implemented by non-State actors in collaboration with authorities and communities in sites needing priority
conservation actions.

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Protected areas (PAs) are important tools for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. PAs safeguard ecosystems and their services, such as water provision, food production, carbon sequestration and climate regulation, thus improving people’s livelihoods. They preserve the integrity of spiritual and cultural values placed by indigenous people on wild areas and offer opportunities of inspiration, study and recreation. Due to a long period of isolation, Myanmar has conserved an extraordinary natural and cultural heritage that is in part represented in its protected area system.

Managed ByWCS
Last Updated23 May 2023
Created13 October 2021
Coverage13 October 2021to23 May 2023
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